What song is stuck in your head right now?

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Re: What song is stuck in your head right now?

Unread postby Myst » 12 Jun 2017 15:46

Oh man... there is a new supergroup on the loose in the rock/metal world... and I'm not sure I've ever been this excited for a debut record before based off of a lineup and one single. If the first single is anything to judge their overall sound on... they're heavy, but not too heavy with a decent amount of clean vox, which was actually one of the reasons the singer formed this band, he wanted "a metal band that doesn't scream all the time". There's a djenty element to their sound that I love, at least in this song.

BAD WOLVES - Learn To Live

Vocalist is Tommy Vext (whose other projects include(d) Westfield Massacre, Snot, and Divine Heresy)
Rest of the band is made up of current/former members of Devildriver, God Forbid, Bury Your Dead, In This Moment)


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