A History of Radness

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A History of Radness

Unread postby vegawriters » 12 Jul 2015 21:25

The gf and I stumbled on this on Amazon today. One of the bands she follows on instagram apparently provided some of the music. We thought it was going to be some kind of rockumentary. Instead it's a young adult show about these twins who have moved away from their friends in Seattle and need to find new people for their band. I am really not into a lot of the young adult kind of programming that you see out there, but this was sheer perfection. And, you know, the two kickass female characters play bass and drums. And ... yes. The bass player - a dark haired outsider who so wanted to be in a band that she learned how to play bass to do it - reminded me a little bit of a certain someone. ;)

Anyway, check it out. It's one of those shows Amazon is floating to see if people are interested so you have to vote on it. I would LOVE to see more of it, and like I said, I really don't go for those kinds of shows.

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