The Dark Crystal

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The Dark Crystal

Unread postby musiclifeline13 » 01 Apr 2015 13:00

I was born well after The Dark Crystal was released in the early 80's, but I grew up watching it and was terrified of these Jim Henson creatures! If you are not familiar with the story of The Dark Crystal, it is a definite suggestion if you love fantasy, fiction, and/or Jim Henson. It is not a walk in the park like The Muppets, but more of a good vs. evil motif. :69:

The kind Mystics and the horribly Skeksis were once connected by the crystal and it is up Jen the Gelfling, to unite them again before the Suns align for the end of the world. :angel:

Henson creates many odd creatures that, for the time, were sculpted and costumed amazingly. :smile: It is, in my opinion, Henson's greatest work. This film also combines the work of Brian Froud with Henson to create a great, but cheesy movie! :laugh:

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