Lyricist wanted

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Lyricist wanted

Unread postby Lale_Opal » 24 May 2017 10:39

I`m trying to help a friend of mine here. The thing is he`s forming a band (he`s been in one for a long time and it was quite successful, but then some terrible things happened and everything fell apart) and now he has troubles with writing lyrics. He has plenty of ideas and wants to write and sing in English, but doesn`t know the language well enough to create deep, sincere and poetic stuff, quoting his own words. So maybe anyone here would be interested in helping him put his thoughts into proper words or know someone who`d be glad and eager to help. My friend may even pay for the job, not much though, and of course when everything`s out proper credits would be given. He already has 2 or 3 demos of the songs he`s written (without lyrics) and I tell you it`s GOOD. He says he writes between posthardcore, alternative rock and metal, and if anyone would be interested in helping, he`d sent these demos to the person to start creating from.
So pleeeease write here if you`re interested or know someone who would be :smile:

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